Proud to represent the Made in Italy brand on the world stage from our premises near Venice, at Fucina Artistica Boranga we view the art ironworking as a perpetual Renaissance.

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In Italy and across the globe, Fucina Artistica Boranga collaborates with stakeholders in the construction sector: architects, builders, building supervisors, designers and hoteliers who are seeking to design, build or renovate exclusive residential spaces.

Fucina Artistica Boranga is a company with a long tradition of craftsmanship in wrought iron, and has been recognised by the market for decades due to the undisputed high quality of its work. The results of its experience, which extends back through six generations of the same family, can be seen in the exceptional quality of its manufacturing, which very few workshops are able to offer nowadays, and a remarkable production capacity that allows it to satisfy the expectations of even the most demanding of clients. The company ranks alongside the best in the world for major projects, and can assure its customers that everything will be carried out in a workmanlike manner with an all-inclusive care and attention that leaves nothing to chance: from the technical support our design studio provides, through the carefully selected anti-oxidising finishing treatments applied to the assembled product, to the final installation in place.

Fucina Artistica Boranga company statistics:

  • 100.000 kilograms of iron processed each year
  • Continuous railings of up to 1,000 in length, without interruptions
  • Gates of up to 7 metres in height
  • 10,000 sheets of 24 carat pure gold applied by hand to a single internal staircase
  • over 5000 customers
  • we export to over 20 countries
  • a total of 8,000 square metres
  • 3,000 square metres of which are covered

Fucina Artistica Boranga welds artistic originality to technical and historic expertise, through impeccable organisation and professionalism.

Fucina Artistica Boranga’s customers are people and companies that love art in all its expressions, those who are able to appreciate the organisational skills of its team and appreciate the finesse of the work it produces.

Fucina Artistica Boranga identifies the aspects that its customers appreciate the and uses them to develop its commercial offering and corporate strengths First of all, the quality and uniqueness of its product, which is the result of the high skill and professionalism of its workforce and fruitful discussions with clients, ensure that every single requirement is met. This is addition to the company’s ability to respond to demanding requests, unusual measurements and projects that are out of the ordinary. Total control over the manufacturing process, and compliance with shipping, delivery and installation dates at any location worldwide, the absolute guarantee of Hand Made Italian products, to say nothing of the company’s excellent quality-price ratios. Finally, the company’s transparency and reliability, which are due to the reliability of its own personnel.

We are, first and foremost, blacksmiths. Like our ancestors, we want to construct projects in authentic crafted wrought iron, heated in a fire and shaped with a hammer, to protect, embellish and furnish prestigious homes and grand monuments, to carry the excellence of truly Hand Made Italian creations across the globe. Fucina Artistica Boranga, “Nulla Di Ordinario”. (“Nothing if not extraordinary”)

At Fucina Artistic Boranga, we prefer the excellence of authentic handmade products to perfection, and are happy to leave the aspiration perfection to “machine manufactured” items.